Bonzai3d import sketchup

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi phillipe,

> the probleme of obj convertor is import triangle wire and
> not ngone or juste contour line.

Actually n-gons are supported by the obj converter.

I've attached an example file - the 8-sided-ngon.obj file has an 8-sided n-gon polygon in it, and the result of running the converter is the 8-sided-ngon.3dm file which has the wireframe outline of the n-gon in it.

But OBJ files cannot have polygons that have holes in their interiors, probably things like that will get converted into triangles when you try to convert from SketchUp to an OBJ file using whatever mechanism.

> or juste contour line.

These are kind of a similar problem as the polygons - curves in SketchUp are made up of a lot of little line segments and are not truly smooth objects, so it would not work very well to try and actually open such things inside of MoI as regular model data and actually try to use them as regular curves like for sweeping, etc..

- Michael