Penrose tiling

 From:  Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
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@ Minc : Thx! cool periodic tilling!

Here a Lino maker :)
A funny circle one

See the Art part!

About Penrose Tiling ;) !!!

An astonishing penrose Program !

And this fascinating Muqarnas !!!

Have fun Tiling!

PS Don't miss this true gem!!! 2 progs: one online bottom page for conform deformation with formula
and the other : the incredible Knots bag
(scrool the page for see magnificious images of the prog! french english

Here the Home page image with the Online Conform deformation (repeat 5 times) :)
Amazing is't it?

Here the Moi Home Page :) All with the formula Z^2*3 repeat sometimes :)

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