How to make an array of holes?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Aha, Nick that is sure looking like the right pattern, cool!!

Leonard wrote:
> Your chamfer suggestion Michael would be a real
> time saver. (Sorry if my comment was terse. It was
> not meant to be critical.)

Don't worry, I would not be particularly overjoyed at the idea of selecting hundreds of little things one-by-one either! :)

An additional thing that could potentially help with this part, is this following script which you can set up on a keyboard shortcut (go to Options / shortcut keys) (may require the v2 beta, not quite sure if it works in v1):

script:var gd = moi.geometryDatabase; var faces = gd.getSelectedObjects().getFaces(); gd.deselectAll(); for ( var i = 0; i < faces.length; ++i ) { var face = faces.item(i); face.getEdges().setProperty( 'selected', true ); }

That will look at any faces that are currently selected and switch the selection to the edges that belong to those faces. This is the same thing that the Fillet or Chamfer command can do itself with a face selection, but by having the selection done separately like this it may be useful because you can then modify it slightly like deselect the outer edge if you don't want that one to be processed.

To deselect something, you can just click it while it is selected and it will deselect or also if you do a window select (where you click in an empty area and drag to get that selection rectangle) you can hold down the Ctrl key while doing the window to de-select things captured by the window.

- Michael