How to make an array of holes?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Leonard, I think Burr may be on to something there - there does seem to be a radial pattern there, so possibly if you get one row set up along a curve, then Transform/Array/Circular may be able to create the rest for you. Although maybe not... I guess it would do the spokes of your hexagon but not automatically the parts interior to those spokes.

> Regarding the chamfer, that is what I thought. All 169 holes.

Actually that part will probably not be too hard - you don't necessarily have to pick each edge individually, you can either pick one edge and then do a window select to capture more within the rectangle you drag out, or also you can instead select a face to fillet and all the edges connected to it will be targeted for chamfering or filleting.

For example, if I select just this outer face:

Then doing a chamfer will process all these edges connected to it:

Sometimes that can be an easier way to target what you want to have processed with the chamfer or fillet.

- Michael