How to make an array of holes?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Leonard, I also sent you this info through e-mail but I also wanted to mention it here.

When you start to approach radius values around 0.001 units, that will start to run into different problems there, since the fitting tolerance for the fillet operation is 0.001 units in size.

So currently when you want to go much under about 0.01 you may need instead to scale up your object (to do this select it, go to Transform/Scale and type 0 <enter> to place the origin at 0,0,0 and type 100 <enter> to scale up by 100 times).

I'm going to take a look today to see if I can tune this up for the next v2 beta, to make sure that the fitting tolerance is adjusted to be tighter if your fillet radius is approaching too close to it.

Then the other problem that you will probably run into is adding in a few hundred fillets is going to increase the complexity (in data size and memory consumption) of the model by quite a lot, you'll need to set MoI up in "large model mode" for that to avoid consuming a lot of memory. To do this means to adjust the display mesh density to be coarser - that's under Options / View / Meshing parameters . Switch the "Mesh angle" to 20 degrees (from the default of 10), and uncheck the "Add detail to inflections" button.

With those settings some of your objects will have a less smooth appearance, but it will help to greatly reduce the amount of memory consumption, since otherwise there will be a zillion little polygons made on all those little fillets.

You'll probably want to adjust these display mesh settings before doing the fillet.

- Michael