How to make an array of holes?

 From:  Nick (BODINI)
2434.11 In reply to 2434.10 
>Nick did it. Nick, how did you do the holes between the arms
>radiating out from the first hexagon group? I know that you
>can make the first group and then array it around at 60deg
> but how did you make that first group? The "group" are
>the black filled holes in my illustration above.

I'm not sure I follow you... but I think, that you might be trying to hard (I let MoI do the thinking :) ). The only thing I did is what you see in the screen shots. I just used Array>Circular for everything and added 6 to the "Item Count" field each time. Thats it! I never concentrated on the white or blacks, just the # in each tier and where the base line was. :)