How to make an array of holes?

 From:  nycL45
Nick did it. Nick, how did you do the holes between the arms radiating out from the first hexagon group? I know that you can make the first group and then array it around at 60deg but how did you make that first group? The "group" are the black filled holes in my illustration above.

Michael, I like the script idea since it answers the question about deselecting edges that would not be chamfered. Also, it will take my skill level up a notch; I have not tried using Moi3D scripts. Thanks.

BurrMan, one thing about your hole pattern illustration, the first ring out from the center would have six holes. Having twelve results in one less outer ring and too many holes in the "group". Thanks for helping out.

As it is said, "The proof is in the pudding." I will put this to use and post what I come up with.