Offer Polygon Mesher Pre-Sets

 From:  Michael Gibson
2433.2 In reply to 2433.1 
Hi Kurt, thanks for the feedback!

Do you maybe have any ideas on how I could implement this?

One thing I tend to worry about is adding so many controls to things that they become hard to figure out and use.

I'm not sure how I would add this functionality without making the dialog more complex.

One other thing that tends to be a problem is that some of the controls take distance values that are have an effect that is dependent on the overall scale of the model.

Like for instance if you have the "Divide larger than" set to 0.1 units, that will make a very heavy number of polygons on a box that is 1000 units in size, but a lesser amount of polygons on a box that is only 1 unit in size.

So it can be hard to have a preset that works automatically the same on every kind of object using all the settings.

The main thing that operates the same on all sizes of models is the angle parameter, which is also what is controlled by using the slider.

- Michael