request: copy selection.

 From:  Michael Gibson
2422.2 In reply to 2422.1 
Hi okapi, it is possible to set up a keyboard shortcut that will set whatever was generated by the last command as the selected objects.

Will that handle what you need here?

The good part about this method is that it is a generic way to do the same kind of thing to the result of any command, not just the copy command.

To use it, add a new entry under Options / Shortcut keys, and for the command part paste in this:

script:var a = moi.command.lastCommandRevisionStart; var b = moi.command.lastCommandRevisionEnd; var gd = moi.geometryDatabase; gd.deselectAll(); var objects = moi.geometryDatabase.getObjects(); for ( var i = 0; i < objects.length; ++i ) { var obj = objects.item(i); if ( obj.databaseRevision> a && obj.databaseRevision <= b ) obj.selected = true; }

- Michael