Best way to increase MoI performance?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi rado, yeah too small can also cause problems as well.

Ideally if you can make things not much smaller than 0.1 units and not much larger than 3000 or so (just as general guidelines) that can help a lot.

I do plan on making a kind of "relative size tolerance" apply to more operations to try and adapt things better to the size of the object, but this is kind of a delicate area and will take a bit of time before everything is converted over to using that. It is used only in a couple of areas currently (Join and Network).

Oh yeah, one other thing that can be a problem is if you have your objects located at a far distance away from the 0,0,0 origin point.

Like even if you have something that is a nice 10 by 10 units in size, if it located at x = 5323232.5 y = 245222461.2 , stuff like that will cause various problems as well.

- Michael