Best way to increase MoI performance?

 From:  rado
I've recently had some time to play with MoI beyond the stuff I do at school (archvis).

I'm getting into a lot more complex boolean operations in these non architectural freeform exercises. I'm looking to improve MoI performance on my system, most notably the calculation of booleans.

If I buy a new quad core processor, will this significantly speed things up? I'm currently using a core 2 duo (2.4 ghz) with 4 gb ram (Win XP pro).

I guess my other thing is getting the model to respond better when a lot of info is on the screen. I've already tuned the mesh angle and hidden lines, but I find that with really complex models rotating really gets sluggish. I'm guessing that it will get a lot better once you add layers to the program (being able to turn off and or show wireframes for inactive layers should do wonders), but for now, will updating my gfx card help? I'm currently using a geforce 8800 gts (640 mb ram).

Thanks for any insight you people may have!