Request advice on battle rider

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Yenmonger, it seems to be quite similar to the previous discussion thread here:

In fact, isn't one of those the same image as from that other thread?

Would those techniques from that other thread also apply to what you want to do now?

Try thinking about dividing the shape up into smaller components and focus on one of those components at a time.

If you try to do the whole thing all in one single operation, it is easy to get stuck... If you go more a bit at a time it can be a lot easier to make progress incrementally.

From the kinds of shapes that you are showing there, another way you might make some progress is to build some separate tube shapes and then combine them together with booleans to make the basic hull.

That method would look something like this:

You can do things like hack off the ends with a line, then worry about constructing the tip with a different technique that is easier for rounded things like revolve or rail revolve.

But basically try drawing a few profile curves for some of the essential shapes of the model to make some initial progress.

- Michael