Unit Input

 From:  Michael Gibson
2410.2 In reply to 2410.1 
Hi Danny, yup! In fact I happened to have finished adding in exactly that just a couple of days ago, it is already set up for the next beta.

> As an example, if I model a product in metric units and say
> some holes have to be an imperial size say 3/8", I would only
> have to type in 0.375in, instead of 0.375x25.4

Actually you will be able to enter either 3/8" or 0.375in , whichever you prefer.

If you enter in something using foot and/or inch marks, like 5' or 6" , etc... , then it knows that you are entering foot and inches units and will convert that over.

Otherwise you can use that short units label at the end like 6cm , 5.2mm , 6ft , etc... ( one of: mm, cm, m, km, in, ft, mi )

These conversions will only have an effect if you have set a current unit system of other than "no units".

Also another new thing for numeric entry for the next beta is relative expressions - this is where if there is an existing value in an edit field you can enter an expression that starts with one of + -- / * to make an adjustment to that value. Like for example after you have done a fillet once so that there is a radius value set, you can enter /2 to half that existing value. The only thing a bit odd is if you want to subtract you need to use a doubled -- sign, this is so that there isn't a conflict with some fields that can take negative values.

- Michael