Connecting curves and solids

 From:  JTB
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Thanks for such a quick answer Michael... I was preparing a scene to send but there is no need now...
I understand that it needs more work that you were planning for V1.0 but I think it will solve many problems... Also, there is no need to handle these shapes through complicated UI mechanisms, the "show points" or "show shape" command would do the job... What you see is What you get but there's more... That's the new philosophy for MOI IMO :-)

The workaround you suggest is perfect but it is a trick not appropriate for a future professional application so eventually you will have to find a way to solve this I'm afraid...

Although I have an almost zero 3d modeling experience I believe that being able to change the history of the creation of an object is the most basic need of the end user

EDIT : I send the scene in case someone else doesn't understand

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