More about price

 From:  eric (ERICCLOUGH)
Hi Michael and all ...

I think an upgrade price of $100 is very reasonable ... roughly half the price of the original purchase price and only 1/3 of the V2 price. Very fair.

And again, when the V2 to V3 upgrade becomes available another half price upgrade would be fair and reasonable ... but I agree with others that beyond that level there is considerable competition and by then I think some good built in 2d tools will become essential. And, Michael, I do think offering a 'lite' version is a very good idea. A good basic modeler (like v1) as you suggest.

But right now my heart bleeds wishing for layering. I am doing a pretty complex architectural modeling job as part of an overall commission and can't really use MoI for it ... sob! :)

But, be sure to get some sleep, Michael ... and ...... breathe ......