Two Beginner Questions

 From:  Michael Gibson
2405.2 In reply to 2405.1 
Hi moier,

> 1) Is there a way to "fine adjust" the grid? Say you model a cube
> that is 10 x 10 grid points but then want to make precision cuts
> in between the units? Anything I could read up on regarding sub
> dividing the grid?

You can adjust the Grid and snap spacing under Options / Grid.

You can adjust the visual lines of the grid with the "Grid size:" option there, and you can adjust the actual snapping interval separately from the grid display by using hte "Snap size:" option just under it.

Also it is possible to set up some keyboard shortcuts for shrinking or expanding the grid size.

For shrinking the grid and snap size by half, set up a keyboard shortcut (Options / Shortcut keys) with this as the command:
script:var grid = moi.grid; grid.size /= 2; grid.snapSize /= 2;

And for the reverse of expanding them by a factor of 2, set up this one:
script:var grid = moi.grid; grid.size *= 2; grid.snapSize *= 2;

> 2) Is there a way to show Construct and Transform tools at
> the same time (instead of ether or)? This would help me work
> a bit faster plus, there is plenty of screen space.

There isn't any "drag and drop" type way to do that, but it is possible to make it happen by editing the .htm files that make up the UI. That is not exactly easy to do, but if you want to give it a try there are some previous discussions here:

In version 2.0 there is a new edit frame that lets you do scaling and rotation operations by grabbing handles around the object, which removes quite a bit of the trips back and forth to the Transform tools.

Also if you're using a particular tool a whole bunch you may want to assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

- Michael