more about layers

 From:  Michael Gibson
2404.4 In reply to 2404.2 
Hi Stefan, I don't really want to support _only_ classic layers as the way to organize objects because they are limited in some pretty big ways. Like for instance with classic layers you can't make an object belong to more than one layer at the same time.

So for instance if you have a car model, that means that it is not possible to set up one layer for "wheels" that contains all the wheels of the car, and then have another layer for "front half of car" that also contains the front 2 wheels but not the rear ones.

I want to have more flexibility than that.

However, the way I think it will work is that one portion of the object organization tools in MoI is going to be pretty similar to that, which will be called "Styles" - this will control the visual appearance of your object, starting just with a basic color for now.

Then the idea is that styles will show up in the scene browser in addition to the more flexible "groups", and you will be able to do similar tasks on either styles or groups, like hide all objects that have a certain style same as hiding all objects that belong to a certain group, etc...

So if you stick with working just with styles and don't set up any groups, then that should map well to classic layers.

This is an area that I am still working on right now.

- Michael