Mac? Please :)

 From:  Michael Gibson
24.12 In reply to 24.11 
Hi Pile sorry, I thought you already explained it in your own post.

A Linux version is not currently planned, similar to the Mac version it would be quite a bit of time and effort to accomplish it. The time to do it is just not available.

> According to your needed libraries, there will be no chance for a crossplatform software. :(

Yes, this is the major roadblock for crossplatform. It is not so much the DirectX requirement, MoI doesn't use very fancy features of DirectX, it mostly just jams across polygons and textures, that part would not be very difficult to port to OpenGL.

The User Interface is the major problem - MoI uses the Internet Explorer HTML engine (mshtml.dll) to display all of its user interface elements except for the 3D viewports, like all the buttons and tabs and such. This is the part that would be difficult to port.

Possibly in the future the Mozilla platform may become advanced enough that it would be a good basis to use for the UI instead of mshtml.dll. But mshtml has many extensibility features that are not present in Mozilla, Mozilla needs to evolve somewhat before it would really work for a customized application like MoI. But my hope is that sometime in the future it will evolve and then I would try to port the UI over to it and then be crossplatform. But that is going to take a really large amount of work so it's not going to happen anytime soon.

- Michael