Paper card model from MoI 3D model?

 From:  Mark Brown (MABROWN)
Hi Michael, Alcides and Kurt,

Many thanks for your congratulations regarding the birth of my son. It is hard work but worth it all when he smiles :)

Thanks also for the responses to my questions. I have just tried blender's unfolder, which I'm probably not using correctly. I unfolded a simple cylinder. It made some very strange decisions regarding the unfolding, creating lots of little shapes. From experience, I know that Blender and I don't get on so I'm downloading Pepakura. Thanks Kurt for the tutorial link.

Michael, is MoI able to constrain a surface so that it is forced to be "developable"? For example, I'm thinking that for the sides of a hull, I could lay down an oversized flat surface, adjust it to fit the curvature I require and then trim the excess to abutt adjoining surfaces (did that make any sense?). Then, if I'm understanding what Alcides has said about Rhino, I unroll my surfaces (or perphaps a selection of surfaces?) rather than unfolding entire polygon meshes?

The Pepakura demo has just installed. Time to see what it can do...

EDITED: 12 Feb 2009 by MABROWN