Paper card model from MoI 3D model?

 From:  Alcides

Mark congratulations on your baby boy.

Well, I've registered here because I'm trying the look for more information on Moi. I'm trying the trial version.

My objetive is to find a cheaper alternative to Rhino to design paper models, I've made a search and I found this thread.

Mark, Michael has a misconception about the design of paper models. Paper can't be bent in two different directions at the same time, and there is always one straight direction on a bent paper.So, the solution is to design the model with developable surfaces.

We don't need a mesh unfolder, Rhino works great to design paper models because you can work with nurbs and Rhino has the function to unroll a developable surface. You can design a very clean and precise paper model with that tools. My only problem with Rhino is the price.

As I can see Michael isn't implementing this function in the near future, which is sad. I've found the use of Moi very intuitive and easy, but If I have to buy something like Lamina is to much money.