Paper card model from MoI 3D model?

 From:  Mark Brown (MABROWN)
Hi Everyone.

I finally purchased my copy of MoI, more than a year after I first said I was going to do so. In the interim, my baby boy was born, somewhat diminishing the time I have available for 3D!

Over this period I have been considering ways to turn MoI creations (probably of ships) into physical models. One thing I want to try is creating a paper card model from an MoI design. Rhino seems to be used with great success for this by unfolding the 3D object to 2D. There is an impressive example of this here:

I realise MoI doesn't have inbuilt unfolding (any chance of a plugin API for MoI Michael?). Does anyone have any experience of using Blender's unfold script (or anything else) to do this? Can nurbs surfaces be unfolded or only polygonal meshes?