Layer Properties Match

 From:  knead
Hi all.


I'm opened RhinoLogo.3dm file in Rhino V4 SR5.
(1) Changes the layer name and Color of selected objects.
(2) Select the object, Type the object name.
(3) Save (Untitled.3dm)


(4) Open (Untitled.3dm) in Moi 3D.
(5) Creates polygon meshes from NURBS surfaces.
(6) Export Untitled.OBJ


(7) Open (Untitled.OBJ) in Rhino V4 SR5.


The Results was Very Good.

But, Layer name and property were changed so as to be different.
(For ex: OBJ Format layer name was always "Default" and "Object1", "Object2", "Object3"...)

So, I'm finding a way to matching layer properties.

Is there a good idea? Script or Other?