Moving object using the object frame, with a [Cen]ter snap.

 From:  Michael Gibson
2387.4 In reply to 2387.3 
Hi PaQ, so you mean to do it only on things that currently have a Cen osnap on them like a rectangle, circle, arc, or ellipse?

> I mean what if the shape react like if you drag a surface.

Do you also mean you want to be able to select a currently unselected circle curve for example by clicking on its center point?

One thing that is different with the disc surface situation is that there is an actual piece of the object at that center point, so the object can be selected (and highlighted, etc..) by moving the mouse over that spot. A circle or rectangle curve on the other hand doesn't have any part of the object itself at that center location, the "meat" of that curve object is all in the wires around the outside.

That's basically why I would think of having a kind of special "frame grip" for this kind of a thing rather than trying to enable it silently - enabling it silently would kind of mean making circles select if you moved nearby their center point, since dragging an object is related to selecting it with the mouse if that makes any sense. Having a special grip kind of avoids muddling this up with selection.

- Michael