Object properties

 From:  Michael Gibson
2374.2 In reply to 2374.1 
Hi Eric, it is a great idea!

The only tricky part is that it sounds like it would conflict with another option in MoI which is that you can set up keyboard shortcuts for single keystrokes, stuff like just plain E for Extrude, rather than only being able to use Ctrl+E or Alt+E for example.

One thing that I've thought about previously is making it possible to type command-line type stuff into the xyz coordinate entry box, maybe typing a name to select a named object would work there. You can put keyboard focus into that entry box by typing the Tab key first, so it would work by typing:
<tab> box <enter>
for the kind of example you were showing - that way it would not conflict with having keyboard shortcuts still work on regular keystrokes.

- Michael