Moi3D to 3D-Coat to Cinema4D workflow tutorial

 From:  Maximus (MAX)
Hi Moi people!

Here's a quick'n'dirty workflow example i tested tonight which allows for relative smooth transfers of data between Moi3D, 3D-Coat and Cinema4D. There is only one problem and it's that it requires RipTide Pro for Cinema4D or else this will not work. The plugin is cheap to buy and it's a great investment for any Cinema4D user out there. Anyhow here's what to do..

1. Start by modeling something in Moi3D and exporting it out as .obj with similar settings, the exact settings you should use ofcourse depends on what your model looks like. Use this more as a guideline.

2. Import your previously exported .obj model from Moi3D with similar settings to 3D-Coat ([i]smoothing can be either on or off, doesn't seem to make a difference[/i])

3 Then do your thing in 3D-Coat with the paint tools..

4. Export your model including any textures you painted for it as you normally do with 3D-Coat, default settings works fine in 3D-Coat's export dialogbox.

5. Now import the .obj file you exported from 3D-Coat into Cinema4D using RipTide Pro with the following settings, this is the crucial part of the workflow or else it won't work correctly. Make sure you have ticked in Flip X Axis and Flip UV Vertically to get your texturemaps aligned with your mesh, otherwise the mesh and/or the texturemaps are imported flipped.

6. Last thing to do is to play with the Phong Angle setting in your Phong Tag on your objects so you get a nice clean smooth mesh without any visual artifacts. However this is working kinda weird.. because you may still get artifacts in your mesh and you might have to go back to 3D-Coat to rebuild a new topology on your Moi3D mesh, that's a worst case scenario. In most cases just playing around a bit with the phong angle is enough to get a usable mesh that you can render.
Here's a screenshot from what it looks like when i imported my mesh with it's texture into Cinema4D. :) works like a charm!

Good luck!

/ Magnus

EDITED: 31 Jan 2009 by MAX