Very new to MOI, Very much impressed

 From:  JTB

I do 100% architectural drawings and renderings with Revit. I decided to check a new modeling app for smaller things like decorative parts, furniture, etc.
I am sure MOI will be a great app.
I have seen Rhino, MAX, Silo, Maya etc... all the great 3d packages who cost a fortune but they are too powerful for what I need to do.
I think MOI is easy, fast and with very good results. Now that we can have OBJ export it will be easier to import to other apps.
I would like to ask some very basic questions... I don't know 3d modeling technics because I don't need them so please be patient.

1. Is there any chance of having Autodesk-compatible export options like DWG or DXF?
2. When will a basic manual be ready?
3. 3dsMAX has the modifiers stack to use when we want to go back and change something and everythings is updated automatically. How is/will MOI handle this kind of correcting previously made geometry?
4. I tried to make a curve and then extruded it and then changed the profile and the 3d solid changed too. When I moved the solid I found out that the initial profile is not a part of the solid, it can be moved seperately and even be deleted. If we don't have the profile attached to the solid, how can we add points, change cross-section, or modify the solid in anyway?
5. Can you please explain to me how and when fillet command works?
6. When I use Offset->Shell to a sphere, I get two objects or one?
7. Is there a way to draw a profile from existing edges of a solid? (like picking edges instead of drawing points)
8. Is there any list of what features the final product will/should have? it would be great to see the features list of MOI 1.0 (at least as you plan it so far).

Thank you in advance for your time...

EDITED: 4 Dec 2006 by JTB