license key (box ) problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi jonah,

> Do you think i may hit that same problem again?

It's kind of hard to say - it sounds like your previous problem may have been some kind of bad installation of some system components.

I wouldn't think that installing Visual Studio should have any bad effect on MoI but if a system component does not get installed correctly all kinds of weird things can happen certainly...

If you run IE right now, what is the version number that is reported under Help/About? Maybe you got back to an IE7 install which then made MoI work.

It should normally be possible to uninstall the IE8 beta, so I'm not sure what happened in your case previously where you said you couldn't uninstall it? Note that its entry in the Add/Remove programs list is a bit different than what you might expect - instead of being under something like "Internet Explorer", look for it under "Windows Internet Explorer".

Also, probably a good idea to avoid installing beta OS components on your production system if possible! A beta of an individual specific program is certainly fine normally, but beta OS components have a lot more potential to mess things up.

- Michael