Page-select for pdf

 From:  Michael Gibson
2367.2 In reply to 2367.1 
Hi B-W-Design,

> Would be great to have an option to select wich page
> of an multi-page pdf file you would load.

I've added this to the wiki wishlist to keep track of it.

But unfortunately it will be fairly difficult to add it - PDF files are really quite complex structures and not particularly easy to work with from a file reading point of view.

Currently MoI just kind of plows through the entire file and tries to pull out any kind of geometry it finds, it doesn't really do it in a "page by page" way. To do it on a page-by-page basis would require me to make a new method to try and decode the paging information which will be a fairly in depth task.

I would like to tackle it at some point though, because aside from a "which page" option it would be nice to have different pages kind of arranged side by side instead of all stacked up on the same place which can happen now.

But for a while to come you're going to need to use some other kind of PDF utility to split out the particular page that you want into its own PDF file to do what you are talking about here.

- Michael