Mesh problem in my spheres - a bug?

 From:  Michael Gibson
2362.4 In reply to 2362.1 
Hi Tony, thanks for posting this very clear bug report and the example file for this sphere pole problem!

This was a bug with dealing with the surface normal calculation in that pole area, in certain circumstances.

The bug involved some numeric precision stuff, and actually in the current Jan-19 beta if you move this object to the world origin (reset from the custom cplane that is currently set back to the world one to get to world 0,0,0), it will actually prevent it from happening.

That's why it did not replicate when you tried drawing a sphere in a completely new file, because a completely new file does not have that custom cplane in it. So those spheres were closer to the world origin and when they were it happened to avoid the problem.

But I've fixed this up for the next v2 beta so that it will work properly in its current location and not get those weird wrinkles in that pole area.

- Michael