Mesh problem in my spheres - a bug?

 From:  -ash-
Help, I have this strange mesh problem appearing in my model. Whatever is wrong also effects new spheres created in the file, and partially in files that this object is copied to.

Steps to reproduce.

1. make a new file in Moi
2. create a sphere (200 mm radius in my case) - sphere looks fine

3. open the cracked tower.3dm file (see cracked attached to this post) in a new instance of MoI. Top of the tower has a mesh problem.

4. copy and paste the tower into the new file containing the sphere
5. create a new sphere next to the original - everything still fine
6. now create a new sphere by snapping to the centre of the tower - this one has the meshing problem.

Creating new spheres in the cracked tower file also have the meshing problems no matter where they are created.

This translates over to the meshed export as well.

This wasn't there in my original model created with the previous beta.

I have found these 'glitches' cropping up on other part in files I've worked on since the latest beta but I'm not sure what causes it. It does seem to be things that are created using spheres.

Can anyone else reproduce this?