Novice Attempting Belt Buckle Design...have ?'s.

 From:  BurrMan
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Hi Paul,
Here's some info. You said your just getting started in 3d, I just wasnt sure how far along the cnc path you were, so dont take offense, I'll post some basics.

If your going to cnc mill a part like this, normally it would just be pocket and profile operations. So you may draw something like this with MoI:

Then in your cam package you would define islands and pockets to create toolpath that looks like this:

When cut it would look like this:

Doing it in 3d allows you to create toolpath over a 3d model. This operation would take much longer:

But it gives an operator many more surfacing choices. Here's your model again with different toolpaths for different area's:

Normally a part like this would be just done with the wires.

I personally do my parts in 3d because of the power for future work. I can always extract the wires from the 3d model AND I can run other ops on my parts also.

MoI's models are very good for CNC work. Clean and workable!

Post back if I overstepped or if you want more info.


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