Novice Attempting Belt Buckle Design...have ?'s.

 From:  ViperTX
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I've never used a CAM program, so all help is appreciated.

I was thinking of starting with LazyCAM as it is included with MACH3 which I'm using to control the X3 CNC mill that I just completed. I checked LazyCAM and they support only round and rectangular pocketing, their wasn't any mention of islands. I hear the terms pocketing and islands on and know what they are.

I'm not sure what other inexpensive CAM programs are available.



Thank you the belt buckle info. Since I'm new at this I was only going to mill one side of the buckle, use a press to dome the belt buckle and do a post operation to add the pin. I like the idea of the integrated belt loop, I was thinking of using one that I could solder to the back of the belt buckle.

I had thought of using wax models, but since I live in an apartment....casting was out of the question.

The set of buckles that I plan on doing will be machined from brass.

You belong to a jewelery design site, I don't recall which one, but that's how I ended up at MOI.

All my past jewelery experience has been using lost-wax casting and fabrication from sheet, etc.


I have stock of brass, cast aluminum and machineable wax.

Thanks to everyone!