Novice Attempting Belt Buckle Design...have ?'s.

 From:  Colin
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Hi Paul,

I'm now a retired (eyesight is now shot) Jeweller mostly doing CAD/CAM work for other Jewellers.
Last year I had to do a big Belt Buckle for one of the Motorcycle Clubs over here.
So I did all of the designing for it only using MoI.

While in the process of doing the Buckle, I had to do a couple of prototype bases...that were consequently rejected...
So waste not, want's a Buckle Base...if it's of use then that's great!!

Just so you know this Buckle was designed to be milled on both sides, so it's a bit more involved than what you were previously talking about.
This is why the pin is designed as a straight it could be milled & then bent to shape after it was all finished.

BTW, I ended up milling the finished Buckle design in wax on my Roland MDX-15 mill...
...the finished wax was cast in metal, cleaned up, rubber moulded & last I heard there was five being made in Bronze.

regards Colin