Novice Attempting Belt Buckle Design...have ?'s.

 From:  ViperTX
Is there any way to see the steps of how I got to this point in the design. History doesn't seem to work.

Also, when I extruded the 3 letters, it seems that they would always start on the plane when working on the Front window and I'm afraid if I attempt to cut them there won't be any material holding them to the base of the belt buckle.

Belt buckle should be about 1/4 inch and the letters should be even with the top of the buckle and be 1/8 inch tall (below the surface).

Is there any way to probe the surfaces to see their height from another surface.

This is my first attempt at 3D modeling and I'm sure my methods not correct.

Also, I see a bunch of terms...any book recommendations that would help?

Thanks from a novice,


A file should be attached.