Pimp My Woodshop - Challenge!

 From:  MattGatten
I'm finding more and more uses for this app all the time. While waiting for my CNC Router to arrive, I decided to model my current shop. Having only moved in 18 months ago, I have not finished it.

It's 20 x 20 ft., has 9 foot ceiligns, bare studs, a push mower, and two bicycles. In addition, it has the equipment you see here.

As close to scale as I could get them but probably off a good bit.

Drill Press
Table Saw


CNC Router - 16X25X20 Footpring (W x L x H)
2HP dust collector
Possibly a small TV with DVD player

I'm trying to figure out what would be an ideal setup for me before I start stringing lights, adding isulation, and OSB plywood wall coverings. Soooo, with that, I'm hoping some new (or veteran) MOI modelers will help me out by 'pimping my shop'. I 'boolean joined' all the tools so they are single objects and can be moved around.