New editing size - wish

 From:  Michael Gibson
2326.2 In reply to 2326.1 
Hi JTB - I think you should be able to get what you want here if you select and edit just the curves, rather than editing the surface directly.

When you edit the curves, the Lofted surface that was generated from them will recalculate, which should achieve the result that you want.

Here is a demo:

> Since MoI uses the curves as a surface generator and they
> should be connected to the surface created, an option to
> change the curves accordingly would be very useful....

I'm not quite sure exactly how that would work, it may have some undesirable side effects, like preventing one same set of curves from being used to generate more than one surface or object.

In general the way MoI's history works is a kind of chained action - when you create the surface you used the curves as input to the command to generate the surface. The surface is a kind of "child" of the curves. But the way that you are talking about would try to set up a kind of 2-way connection between the curves and the output surface.

I'm not sure if that can work in general - surface generation is just one type of thing that can take curve inputs, some other commands can take curves as input and generate new curves rather than surfaces, for example the project command or booleans between curves will take in curves and generate curves as output.

Would you expect for those commands that generate curves to behave in the same way and move the whole bundle of input curves along with the generated curve as well?

- Michael