Expired Install MoI trial version

 From:  Michael Gibson
2320.4 In reply to 2320.3 
Hi Anis, I guess that that old trial version (which was accidentally set to expire on Sep 1, 2008 actually) and the updated one share the same expiration key.

So unfortunately that means that the new one will be expired as well if that old version has also expired.

I don't currently have any way to reset that trial, the only current solution I have for you at the moment is to suggest using the "nosave" trial version which does not have any expiration built into it at all.

That non-expiring (and non-saving) trial version is available here:

Please make sure that you erase any old versions of the trial that you may have back from before July 29, 2008 - any version earlier than that will have this "already expired" problem. Please instead use the trial version from here: http://moi3d.com/1.0/trial/moi_v1_trial_setup.exe which should not expire prematurely (except in this case where the old trial version was run), at least that should stop this problem from happening to you again.

- Michael