Mesh export problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
2318.2 In reply to 2318.1 
Hi Tony -

> However, I kept coming up with this type of error in the mesh.

It's not quite an "error" exactly - by which I mean the mesh is valid and closed, without flipped polygons, etc... Basically that happens if some of those polygons got additional points in their boundaries so that they formed n-gons rather than simple quads.

But yes I want to tune it up to avoid this happening when possible, which should be the case for the examples you've got here.

I did some work that was new in the Nov-21 beta to help avoid this for surfaces of revolution (for different cases than you have here), and for the next beta it looks like some other general tune-ups that I've done have already solved your example here. So it looks like this should be fixed with the next beta.

- Michael