MoI Exercise Jan 2009

 From:  Michael Gibson
2312.10 In reply to 2312.9 
Hi Pilou,

> Why size is the code of such libraries lacking? 100 lines of
> native code, 1000, 10 000 ...?

The library I use is approximately 550,000 lines of code.

> Can we see somewhere for exemple a nurbs "sweep" code?
> Or it's again something who call another numerous "library"?

It's not easy to show since it is quite a bit of code involved. Also I'm not allowed to share the source code from the library, sorry!

Actually I custom wrote a replacement for about 2/3 of the code in sweep since the built in one did not do a bunch of the things that I needed.

To see some code you might check out the Ayam modeler, I think it has some NURBS code in it for sweeping.

> Is it possible to create such library from nothing or it's a very
> specialized conceptual hard work?

I guess it is always theoretically possible to create something from nothing, but it tends to be an area that is difficult to work on without a lot of experience with NURBS.

- Michael