From:  GarBob (GARY-MOI)
I guess that I either don't understand the context of dimensioning in this forum or everyone is using this package as a toy.

I don't believe that Alibre is a tool that can be used by anyone that has ANY artistic ability. I own it and it is useless to me.

I provide a 2d cutting service for clients using a 4' by 8' cnc router. I cut 2d objects and do some graphics and text "carving" using v shaped bits and 2 1/2 d software (Artcam, Vcarve Pro, Photo Vcarve, etc).

I would like to leave the arena of 2 and 2 1/2 d behind. It's boring, very price competitive and BORING. As anyone shopping for anything, size does matter! When you buy shoes don't you like to get them to fit your feet?

When I cut out station forms for a strongback for a boat it's real important to build the stations for the size and shape of the customer's design, not just some numbers out of the blue.

Consequently, when I consider 3d I also think that sizes are important. I'm not talking about dimensioning, per se, like an arrowed dimension on a drawing, I just need to know what the size of the object is in x,y and z and what it's coordinates are of a point that I choose. This software has to have this information or it couldn't display the objects in relationship to it's surrounding environment! I just need a way to check the object by highlighting it, especially if it's an object that has been sent to me. There has to be more than one person out there that needs this information too.

I really hope that I'm wrong in believing that this information isn't available in this package! If it isn't please let me know and I will look elsewhere. If it isn't will it be available in version 2.

Thanks for your patience.