From:  Michael Gibson
2308.10 In reply to 2308.9 
Hi Gary, yes a readout of the size of the currently selected object will be available in v2.

It's actually been in the v2 betas since the Nov-21-2008 beta release, for more information see here:

Here is a screenshot of it:

The x,y,z coordinates of a point are available in v1 - when you are in any drawing command the x,y,z coordinate of the point being picked is available in the xyz control at the bottom of your screen here:

So for example if you want to know the coordinates of a particular point, start any drawing command such as the Line command, snap the point to where you want and look down there and you will have your answer. Similarly there is a distance readout which is below the xyz control to the left side (and angle to the right) - while you are drawing a line that will show you the distance of the line, you can also enter values in there to constrain to a specific distance.

I do want to add a variety of other measuring tools in as well, but I'm not sure exactly when that will happen, possibly not until v3 is underway later this year.

- Michael