building corner cutaway

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Brian,

> I doubt if many would consider, at the price and working
> complexity, for Rhino to be a companion app to MoI.

I'm pretty sure that Eric has mentioned previously that he already is using Rhino in combination with MoI.

> Not a good thing to think of Rhino as a "crutch" to MoI I suggest?

In a perfect world no, but in the imperfect world that we live in where I haven't yet had time to jam 15 years worth of functions into MoI yet, it can currently be good to use them in combination to handle things that MoI does not do yet.

I wish that I could make MoI do every single function that all other software does all in MoI version 1.0! But please be aware that it takes quite a lot of work to make that happen, and unfortunately I haven't figured out how to get more than 24 hours of work accomplished in a single day! Let me know if you find a way around that! :)

If there is a solution to be found to someone's current problem using Rhino (or any other software) in combination with MoI to complete their current task, it will not be unusual for me to recommend that they use that other software to finish their task... I mean it's pretty straightforward really - I guess the other alternative would be for me to tell them that what they want to do is impossible and suggest no solution at all, is that what you are saying you would prefer for me to do?

If you are using it to do professional work rather than as a hobby, Rhino's price is very inexpensive (making MoI's ludicrously so of course).

And actually in this particular case I wasn't even recommending Rhino! I was asking because I was wondering if there was a problem with the dimensioning tools that Eric has available to him in Rhino, that would make him want to use Photoshop for this task instead of Rhino. If there is such a problem it would be great for me to understand it so that I could try to avoid it when I get a chance to work on this area in MoI.

- Michael