building corner cutaway

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Eric, re: layers staying in place - yup that was a function I added in for MoI so that when you open up a .3dm file from Rhino, things that MoI does not understand or work on directly are still stored and written back to the file when you save out again.

I think that Flamingo materials may be a kind of special custom kind of material property instead of using the standard 3DM material table, stuff that is stored in custom plug-in attributes (called "userdata") is not persisted like this currently, only the standard 3DM info is persisted currently.

This area will change a bit later on here in MoI v2, since I'll be working on making things like layers have some kind of more direct counterpart in MoI than it does in v1.

> For notes and dimensions I will probably use PhotoShop
> unless I can find a simpler method.

What about the dimensions and text functions in Rhino? Is there something about them that does not work well for you?

> Michael, I did have some problems with 'array' adding
> duplicates (in exactly the same position ... so invisible)
> and in one case removing the source object

Please let me know if you can track this down to a repeatable example. If you can save off a file that you can send to me to repeat the problem over here it makes it a lot easier to fix it up.

- Michael