building corner cutaway

 From:  eric (ERICCLOUGH)
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Hi Michael ...

Actually the dimension and text properties in Rhino are very good ... the only problem is in 3d perspective view ... the text and the leaders are displayed in 3d also, which distorts them so to have notes and text flat to the paper it requires a different approach.

I will check the many copies of that file with the array problem and forward it to you (assuming that I have copies that I have not edited to delete the duplications). The duplications only show up visually when the attempt is made to render the illustration.

And, yes, I have been a Rhino user for a long time and still use it for a large part of my work ... But I do like the intuitive feel of MoI and am using it more and more. MoI speeds up my production 3d work substantially but I certainly don't expect it to do ALL the Rhino stuff ... and if one has both programs anyway the flipping back and forth is a great asset. I so much appreciate MoI not messing up the layers set up for rendering in Rhino ... I look forward to the day when Flamingo materials stick, too ... though I am content if that never happens ... there are so many render plug-ins available I don't know how you would every get MoI to leave them all in place ... but then I am not a genius programmer :).