From:  Michael Gibson
2303.3 In reply to 2303.1 
Hi Eric, yeah that one can be a bit awkward. I tend to use the Delete key shortcut for that mostly myself.

One problem with moving it is that typically in many programs Delete seems to be nearby Undo/Redo, so from a kind of "discoverability" and "expected location" type standpoint, I'm not quite sure about breaking those up. But then bringing all of those together into the side pane makes it hard to fit them in without making the Edit pane really much larger than the other ones... That's one reason how they ended up down there. Also another concept for putting them down there was that they would always be available at the top level UI regardless of which palette was active on the side panes. But I'm getting less worried about that part as time goes on.

So anyway, I'm not quite sure about flipping that around right now, but I'll try to think about it more for some future plans.

In the future I also want to add the ability to let you re-arrange buttons to your own preferences, but it will probably be a while yet before I'm able to work on that.

But yeah, probably if you use a keyboard shortcut for that one, it will help kind of smooth out your workflow in the current version though.

- Michael