some more questions and suggestions

 From:  Michael (MMHS)
Hi Michael,

Hooray, i have some time to play with Moi again. Here's my latest input:

- I have some difficulties with the repeat-command option. Is there a reason it is not available for every tool? I also think it would be easier to use if the checkbox state would be remembered (either per tool or even globally) instead of being reset after each tool selection. I also find the repeat last command by enter/right mouse button like in rhino or autocad very efficient. Did you specifically opt against that behaviour for some reason?

- Copy option for move, rotate, mirror tools (i guess for tablet users there could be separate tools as in move/copy or a copy option checkbox. For keyboard users a modifier key would be great, also for moving/copying by click and drag.)

- For 1d-scale, possibility to scale by factor 0 (to flatten geometry)

- It seems that some commands can be applied to multiple volumetric objects at once but not to multiple curves. E.g. fillet all corners in a polyline (all at once or single ones by selecting single edges. it seems it would be logical if single edges in a polyline were selectable as they are in volume objects)

- Boolean commands work great on planar objects as well, but Diff doesn't seem to have the expected result here.

- How about an option checkbox to automatically fill closed 2d-curves with a planar object?

- I noticed today that i can hide sub-objects as well, which is great to check the visual appearance of tangent surfaces by hiding the edges in-between. I think it would be worth adding that information to introductory documentation. Naturally it would be really neat to be able to hide edges between tangent surfaces automatically.

- I was going to ask how to extract geometry from existing objects, then figured it out myself: Drill-in-select faces or edges, then copy. Should be obvious but might be worth adding to the documentation as well.

Greetings, Michael H.