Dimensions and text

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Eric,

> Well, if I had to choose I would pick always facing me

I have been kind of hoping to do it that way, it kind of tends to be easier to make text be a 2D label instead of trying to orient it as a 3D object.

But the kind of "classic" AutoCAD style dimensions have the text as kind of stick-line letters and they are oriented in 3D if I remember right.

Then the other question is text size under zooming - is it important for the dimension text to stay fixed in "model units" and change size on the screen when you zoom in or zoom out, or is it ok if they always stay fixed at something like a 12pt font size on the screen?

> but what would happen in top and side views ?

Well, those are actually probably a bit easier since the entire view is naturally facing you directly as well.

But maybe you are referring to something in particular here?

> and if the 3d view was rotated ?

See SketchUp for a demo of what this looks like with "always facing you" text - it basically the center point of the text moves around but it stays the same size...

Is it mainly a linear dimension and text with a leader that would be the 2 main types of things that you would use out of any dimensioning tools? Or is there another kind of dimension that you need a lot as well, like "aligned", "radial", etc...

- Michael