Dimensions and text

 From:  Michael Gibson
2298.2 In reply to 2298.1 
Hi Eric, it's hard to say for sure but currently I would think that it is not looking too likely for these to get in for v2. Probably it will take a couple of months to get the object organization tools completed and then probably not a whole lot of new stuff after that for v2.

Probably more likely for those to happen in 4-5 months from now in v3 beta.

But is there one certain kind of dimension entity that you use most often? Like almost all linear dimensions, etc... ?

Also there are a few issues to kind of work out before hand, like do you want dimension text to be sort of oriented in 3D:

Or always displayed flat facing you:

Probably the "always facing you" one is easier for me to make, but it would be good for me to know if there is a major preference for one or the other methods.

- Michael