Nurbs modelling question ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
2292.2 In reply to 2292.1 
Hi Kevin,

> I'm just wondering if there is a way to create a surface
> that when trimmed would match a curve exactly or very
> closely.

If you do something like a Loft, then the lofted surface will pass through all the cross-sections that you picked, so if you then trim with one of those it would make for an "exact match".

But you seem to be asking about making the resulting surface match a curve which is totally separate from the cross-sections given to the surfacing command? With the curve running in a different direction than the cross-sections? No, there isn't anything to produce that.

You generally just kind of have to attempt to "reverse engineer" how the original larger uncut stock material was formed as best you can...

If you could find more original design documents that included more details for each individual part, that could possibly help, rather than trying to work on only a "finished model" blueprint that has many of the construction steps omitted from it...

- Michael