Hi, gridshell roof question!

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Paul, that is a cool design!

I guess I kind of see 2 different grid patterns in there... the support structure with the longer curved supports and then is it a set of triangular panels as the outermost transparent shell?

Are you focused mostly on one of those layers, or both?

I think that maybe the Construct / Curve / Project command would be the thing to make some progress. That allows you to project a 2D curve onto a surface.

So for instance if you have a surface like this:

If you draw a 2D curve pattern below it like this:

Or as seen in the 3D view:

Then you can select those curves, run the Construct / Curve / Project command, pick the surface as the projection target and that will generate these curves projected on to the surface:

If you repeat that with 2 different crossing patterns, I think that may form a framework on the surface to work with? Those projected curves could be used as paths for doing a sweep to make some of the support structure, or for the top shell draw some lines in and snap to the intersections between the crossing projected curves, then when you get 3 lines to make a triangle, select them and fill in a surface there using Construct / Planar.

Hope this helps!

- Michael